Monday, 11 February 2013

VOW 2013

I am currently spending my time trying to write and hone my applications for this years Voices of the Wilderness artist residency.  I applied last year but was not accepted so I am trying again this year. It seems to me that these residencies are far too good to give up on. I would just LOVE to get one of these. They are right up my street. You get to go to a wonderful remote location here in Alaska, accompanying some rangers and helping them out with their tasks, while making some art on the side. So here' hoping. I'll just keep plugging away and it, and keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Animal Masks

Something I also came up with just before the holidays was these masks. I am hoping to expand my selection of animal choices in the future too. I have these up at the GCVA along with my prints so we will see if anyone is interested in them.
These are a bit of a shout out to my 9 year old self - a true nature nerd who was always nerding out on animal facts and watching documentaries.

Each mask is hand screen printed, with some additional inkjet printing for the text. There are some instructions of how to cut these out and attach some elastic to form the masks as well as a few short facts about each wonderful Alaskan creature.

Future ideas include Arctic foxed (in both summer and winter), a brown bear and some more birds.

Girdwood Center for Visual Arts

So, I recently joined the GCVA - the Girdwood Center for Visual Arts. It is a small artist co-op here in Girdwood, Alaska that takes it's form as a small gallery up at the top of the valley. It is a non profit that is supported by our membership fees and a percentage of the sales prices for any of the pieces sold there. I thought I ought to share a little of what I have on offer there. The pieces are really a break from the abstract work that I consider my personal work, but, hey, a girl's got to eat! I've been having fun coming up with ideas that could be more marketable there and that are not as intricate and labour intensive as the work I do for myself.

Some of this work was also on show at Jack Sprats over the holidays.

These are all linoleum block prints of places in and around Girdwood and Turnagain Arm. They are just small little guys - around 2 by 3 inches.

I also have some small wood block prints in the gallery also.