Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Things I've been oggling lately

Sometimes I get caught up on Pinterest, whiling away a good amount of time looking and eye candy goodies. This makes me feel like I am wasting my time. But sometimes I really do come across some good finds, and here are a couple.

Firstly, Jacob van Loon and his paintings. The line work in them really reminds me of some of my work, bute he gets so much texture, colour and depth into his layers that I feel heartened in my quest to build more of those things into my own work.

Secondly, Roanna Wells. I remember coming across her work when I was studying, but it is always nice to be reminded of it and revisit it. I like her use of patterns and the meticulous and probably rather monotonous way in which she must work. Once again, that reminds me of my own practice. I really do see value in such working practices and a sense of slowing down. I also like the mapping element in this latest work.

I came across her on Art Hound which I added to my bookmarks as soon as I found it and will be revisiting often.

One more interesting thing I found this week was on Radio Lab  (which I love). They featured maps by french artist Armelle Caron, or rather they are deconstructed maps. The artist takes city maps and disassembles and catalogues each one, creating a collection of now arbitrary shapes taken out of context. This is Berlin:

More feathers and wood

Another one of the objects I have been making recently. I am trying to picture what a collection of these things would look like. They are fun to make - perfect for these rainy days we've been having. I need to start taking some decent photos of them.