Sunday, 11 December 2011

Cotton Grass Drawings

It's not much of a posting but here are some drawing I did back in October, before the snow came. I did a lot of quick pencil drawings. My favourites are of the really old and tired grass that has lost it's floaty, fluffiness. These are just a few. They are not great scans either because they are quite pale drawings for the most part on beige paper. I am currently working on a series of etchings of single cotton grass plants. My plan is to work in to the etchings once I have them all printed, possibly with some 'feathers', like those in my previous post, but with a different slant.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Close Ups

Some close up on the 'feathers'.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

New Work

Well, it's not really new, but I haven't posted it on here until now. These are a couple of etchings I started last winter, based on drawings of hoarfrost crystals and some research into the way they form. I etched the line drawing onto a copper plate and printed that on warm white Stonehenge paper. I then printed a rainbow roll of Akua inks in a blend of colours inspired by the colours of shadows on snow. This was printed on tissue paper. I then cut these up into tiny 'feathers' to be stuck onto the etchings later.

I intended on a set of three but then decided on just two. To me, these pieces are themselves finished, but also a starting point for further work.

Portland Printshops

I was in Portland recently for the Marathon and took the opportunity to visit a couple of Printshops. The first, Atelier Meridian is a for profit printmaking studio set up and run by Jane Pagliarulo. They were having an Open Studio event so I was able to pop in, take a little look around and chat to Jane and a few of the members. The studio offers 24 hour access to it's presses and other facilities as well as offering workshops to the public.

The second Studio I visited was Flight 64 on NE Alberta Street. Tucked down a small alley, Flight 64 is a non-profit co-op based studio which also offers 24 hour access to its members. This studio had more of a feel of a grass roots organisation with some home crafted facilities and tools that reminded me of the print room at UAA.

It seemed like a great studio to visit and compare with Atelier Meridian. Heather, who seemingly is doing most of the running of the place right now was happy to welcome us and tell us all about the studio, how it got started and how it runs. She was full of advice and support should I plan to open a studio here in Anchorage and her enthusiasm was infectious. I am sure I will be in touch to pick her brains at some point in the future. It was certainly inspiring to see what a group of people could put together, with some help from some generous donors along the way. Food for thought.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


I am back at UAA for the Autumn semester helping out as the lab technician. I have decided to try and learn just about as much as I can and to become a lot more prolific. I ordered a stack of paper so now I just have to work my way through it.

This is the view from studio windows that stretch the length of one wall. It's a nice place to be able to work.

I am off to Portland this week and along the way will stop in at a print workshop to take a look around and try and get an understanding for what goes into setting up a print studio. It seems like Anchorage could use one. I have some images of some images that were inspired by the beautiful hoar frost we get up here. Images of new work are long overdue, but it will have to wait until I get back.